According to surveys conducted by lefty pollster Stan Greenberg. So dramatic was the shift in opinion from only three years ago that Greenberg redid some of the polls to make sure they were accurate. I wonder what could have happened to make Europeans less sympathetic to the idea of a violent, parasitic Islamist grievance culture waging perpetual war against its liberal western host.

We’re all Jews now:

Three years ago, [Greenberg] said, the conflict was perceived “in a post-colonial framework.”

There was a sense “that Europe could cancel out its own colonial history by taking the ‘right’ side” – the Palestinian side. Yasser Arafat was viewed as “an anti-colonial, liberation leader.” The US was seen as a global imperial power, added Greenberg, and the fact that it was backing Israel only added to the “instinctive” sense of the Palestinians as victims…

Today, by contrast, the Europeans “are focused on fundamentalist Islam and its impact on them,” he said. The Europeans were now asking themselves “who is the moderate in this conflict, and who is the extremist? And suddenly it is the Palestinians who may be the extremists, or who are allied with extremists who threaten Europe’s own society.”

The sharpest turn in opinion was in France. Unsurprisingly.