Why? Because his sisters are longtime citizens of Israel.

It’s the modern-day version of those stories about Hitler having been part Jewish:

The Daily Telegraph tracked down the Haniyeh sisters, Kholidia, Laila and Sabah, to a town in southern Israel. That they live in Israel is a closely guarded secret and nowhere is it guarded more secretly than Tel Sheva, a town inhabited mainly by Israeli Bedouin on the edge of the Negev desert.

“There is no reason to speak to my wife,” said Salameh Abu Rukayek, 53, who married Kholidia… Blind since birth, Mr Abu Rukayek sat on a thin floor cushion and said he was happy living in Israel. “Our life is normal here and we want it to continue,” he said…

Laila and Sabah are both widows but remain in Tel Sheva, apparently reluctant to give up their Israeli citizenship.

Should the Telegraph have published this? It warms this old cynic’s heart to think of Hamas on the political hot seat:


But it makes my blood run cold to think what awaits the Haniyeh sisters. Did they have to print their names?

Meanwhile, only in Saudi Arabia would there be women who don’t feel oppressed enough. Liberation through chastity belts:

[T]he black veil and the prohibition against women driving are embraced by many women here as a form of protection and an integral part of their religion.

Faiza al-Obaidi, a biology professor, says she thinks the attempts at Western-style female emancipation are part of a religious war being waged by the United States, “an intellectual rather than physical colonization.”…

Samia Adham, a statistics professor seated beside her, also in a veil, added: “This is a choice. We choose to be ruled by Islam. We will make changes, but within our religion and in our own way.”…

This year a Gallup poll in eight predominantly Muslim countries found that only in Saudi Arabia did the majority of women not agree that women should be allowed to hold political office. Last summer, 500 women addressed a letter to Abdullah asking him to save the country from the onslaught of Westernized ideas regarding women and to maintain the ban on women driving and working with men.

Mmmmmm, that’s good brainwashing!

On the other hand, one of the women interviewed for the article connects Bill Clinton to the devil. So, they can’t be all bad.

Update: Portrait of a lady who deprogrammed herself.