Mocking terror apologists, Goldstein writes of this morning’s raid in Britain:

Because let’s face it: had Britain not joined the “coalition of the willing” (aka, puppets to American hegemony and colonialist ambition) to fight “terrorism” (which is an emotion, and so can’t be fought without declaring war on humanity—the ultimate act of GENOCIDE!), it is likely no terrorism would have been visited upon it.

Little does Jeff know that a few hours earlier, the leader of Britain’s answer to CAIR was busy explaining it all to the BBC:

“I think if we had not gone to Iraq, the situation perhaps would not have been where we are today,” he said.

Asked if a terror attack, as seen in London on July 7, would have happened if Britain had not entered Iraq, he replied: “I personally don’t think that would have happened, as much as one simply, utterly and totally condemns what act took place and cannot ever relate it to any justification by any person to carry out those acts, acts of criminality.”

…he says, while relating it to a justification.

Just as George Bush is to blame for the people killed in Haditha, so Tony Blair bears ultimate responsibility for those blown to pieces in the Tube. That’s what you get for trying to democratize a Muslim country. Anyway, consider this a preview of how our own terror apologists will react when we get hit again. Clockwork.

There’s lots more on Sacranie in the LGF archives. Don’t miss this and this. I find solace in the fact that he’s a fringe character, not at all embraced by the mainstream.

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