Glenn will link it first thing in the morning so I might as well chip in now.

She thinks the big divide isn’t between left and right but between the public and its cloddish, imperious elected officials. So she’s calling for a new party, one that believes in small government, strong borders, and effective Homeland Security. In other words, the Republican Party that George Bush pretends to belong to, not the one to which he actually does.

I wonder if anyone I know would support such an agenda.

It won’t work, though. Partisan fear and loathing will kill it in its crib because even people like me who agree with her will vote strategically. When push comes to shove, Kos repulses me more than Bill Frist or Dennis Hastert does. So I won’t gamble on a Reform candidate, especially one who’s likely to draw votes from the GOP nominee, lest it tip the election to the nutroots. That happened once before, as I recall, and we ended up with a Clinton in office; conservatives won’t let history repeat itself.

But it’s a fine idea. Ask me again if and when the Democrats clean out their gutters.

Update: I said “first thing in the morning.” I should have said “mid-morning.” Apologies.