A frame by frame video fisking. I haven’t watched it all yet, but I will this weekend. Granted, it won’t change a single mind that’s predisposed to believe LC’s idiocy but the effort is appreciated. So congrats to the good man who made it happen. By which, of course, I mean Karl Rove.

I got an e-mail from the patriots at 911Proof.com this morning pointing me to the latest bombshell revelation. Here you go. The government’s vested interest in being publicly taunted by a phantom Osama was never clearer.

Semi-related, Jim Treacher points me to this column by Tim Blair tossing chum to baby sharks. He forgot to specify that Bush brought down the towers with a controlled demolition, but otherwise, yep, he’s got his bases covered. Pray that no one in the government misunderstands his intent and has him marched him off to … “the camp.”

Update: One of the guys from Screw Loose Change e-mails with info about Scholars for Truth, the group responsible for the Osama tape “debunking.” You will be shocked to learn that these esteemed scholars count not a single structural engineer or professor of Middle Eastern Studies among their ranks.