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The good news is, they were able to re-attach it. The bad news is, his status for the Carson Palmer Cornhole Classic is questionable at best.

See what happens when traffic lags? At the first sign of trouble, Allah goes tabloid.

All right, serious news. Marriage is “on the rocks” in Britain thanks to a pair of rulings last week that added a distinct California flavor to the country’s divorce laws. Here’s the write-up from Reuters. In a nutshell, alimony will now be based not just on need but on compensation for lost earnings, and a spouse who marries with the expectation of being rich is entitled to have that expectation realized during the division of property — no matter how short the marriage was. British divorce lawyers responded with predictable alarmism.

But that’s small potatoes. The big news today comes from the Guardian, which reports that Britain’s Law Commission is set to take things a step further: because fewer people are getting married, the Commission proposes applying divorce law to couples who have cohabited for a set statutory period. They want to make palimony the default law of the land, in other words — a de facto reinstitution of common-law marriage in its incidents if not its name. The goal is to eliminate economic inequality that might have accrued between the partners during the relationship, even though they didn’t submit to the state’s jurisdiction by getting married.

Think it can’t happen here? Then you haven’t seen the latest poll.

So there’s the serious news. Elsewhere, scientists make the biological discovery of the century; the longest-married couple in Britain celebrates lucky number 78; American husbands get their rude awakening about sex during marriage sooner than ever before; and star-crossed lovers pursue a Love That Can Never Be. Sigh…

Update: Re: schwanz boy, Jim Treacher e-mails:

He really got to the ROOT of the problem!


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