Says Tony Snow, who adds that it was NSA Stephen Hadley who broke the news to the president. Meanwhile, responding to complaints from Iraqis that their own government hasn’t looked into the incident, new PM Nuri al-Maliki says he’s had enough of American excuses and is launching an investigation of his own. But why? Like Jack Murtha, he’s already made up his mind. Although he’d probably disagree with the “solution” Murtha proposed on GMA this morning.

Michelle’s latest comments on Haditha are here. We’ll have a Vent on the subject tomorrow. In the meantime, read CNN correspondent Arwa Damon‘s memoir of her interactions with Kilo Company last year. She knows some of the Marines accused of being involved in the massacre and she’s stunned by the allegations given how much restraint they demonstrated during the operations she observed. She makes the city sound like one big booby trap.

Elsewhere, a writer at Zmag tries his level best to lay the killings at Bush’s feet; Greyhawk notes remorse from the anti-war crowd over their latest psyop going bust — but only because it distracts from Haditha; the Commissar finds that lefty triumphalists say the darnedest things; and Rick Moran wishes he was a keyboard “activist” or a keyboard insurgent or maybe even a super-badass keyboard revolutionary instead of a chickenhawk keyboard warrior. You know, like these guys.