The moment of truth is at hand, my friends. Will you side with the angry, hardline, doctrinaire forces of darkness? Or with those who have brought “compassion” to this benighted land?

It’s not just the New York Times, of course. Mickey Kaus catches his hometown paper engaged in the same garbage and calls them on it. Loudly. And the Chicago Tribune’s blog reports that mean old Jim Sensenbrenner is dissing the Senate. He gots to RECOGNIZE.

VDH shows how “compassionate” the Senate really is. Zealots and helots:

Zealots may chant ÁSi, se puede! [sic] all they want. And the libertarian right may dress up the need for cheap labor as a desire to remain globally competitive. But neither can disguise a cynicism about illegal immigration, one that serves to prop up a venal Mexican government, undercut the wages of our own poor and create a new apartheid of millions of aliens in our shadows…

[W]e ask too little of too many of our immigrants. We apparently don’t care whether they come legally or learn English – or how they fare when they’re not at work. Nor do we ask all of them to accept the brutal bargain of an American melting pot that rapidly absorbs the culture of an immigrant in exchange for the benefits of citizenship.

Instead, we are happy enough that most labor vans of hardworking helots stay on the road in the early-morning hours, out of sight and out of mind.

NRO weighs the possibility that the Senate will refuse to yield and concludes that, in that case, nothing’s better than something.

Update: Sensenbrenner on the Senate bill: “a non-starter.” Feel the anger. Can you feel it?

Update: Val Prieto pens an open letter to his senator, “Republican” Mel Martinez. The scare quotes are Val’s.

Update: Judge Posner addresses root causes:

Once something is identified as a problem, Americans, not being fatalists, insist that there be a solution. But there is only one worthwhile solution to this particular problem, and it is one over which Americans have little control. The solution is for Mexico and the other poor countries from which illegal immigrants come to become rich. As soon as per capita income in a country reaches about a third of the American level, immigration from that country dries up. Emigration is very costly emotionally as well as financially, given language and other barriers to a smooth transition to a new country, and so is frequent only when there are enormous wealth disparities between one’s homeland and a rich country like the United States. The more one worries about illegal immigrants, the more one should favor policies designed to bring about greater global income equality.

Update: Reuters reports on Vicente Fox’s address to the California legislature. He’s got nothing but love for the hundreds of thousands of people who’ve been forced to brave the Arizona desert by his own government’s failure to create economic opportunities.

Some Republicans boycotted the speech or wore buttons saying “No Mas,” which, according to state assemblyman Mark Leno, is just “so insulting.” Guess which party Leno belongs to.

Actually, that’s not such an easy question to answer anymore, is it?