The good news is, the number of murders appears to be declining. The bad news is, it’s because women are being pressured to kill themselves. Or so the UN suspects.

Some of these “suicides” involve bulletholes in the victim’s back. Go figure.

There’s lots of vivid detail in that Times of London article. Read it all, including/especially this passage:

One brazen case [of an honor killing] was that of Guldunya Toren, who was killed in an Istanbul hospital two years ago by her brothers for having a baby after being raped. She had refused to marry her rapist, run away, gone to police several times and been shot once already in the streets of Istanbul, before her brothers tracked her to hospital.

Read this terrific Spiegel report, too, on the clash between secularists and fundamentalists in Turkey. I promised last week in my post about the jihadi courtroom killer to follow the fallout from the incident; read Spiegel and note how the fundamentalists were received at the judge’s funeral. The culture clash over the headscarf is fascinating too, particularly the extent to which some Turkish politicians are willing to take it. Quote:

Neither students nor teachers, nor doctors or public employees are allowed to cover their hair. The ban also applies to the wives of leading AKP politicians who wear headscarves — such as Erdogan’s spouse Emine and the wife of Foreign Minister Abdullah Gül. Hayrünnisa. They’re not invited when President Sezer holds state receptions — and for months a heated debate discussion has been going on in Turkey as to whether Erdogan could be allowed to become President — which seems to be his ambition — given that his wife wears a headscarf.

Speaking of judges and reform, here’s the latest from Egypt.

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