73-25. According to Fox, all 25 no votes came from Republicans. I’ll post the roll once it’s available.

I’m a bit hazy on the procedure here. Cloture passed, but Frist said a few minutes ago that they’ll be considering further amendments later today.

In the meantime, a motion to kill the McConnell amendment — which, horrors, would require photo ID in order to vote in federal elections — was thankfully denied. The vote? 49-48. I’ll have that roll, too. Update: They didn’t kill it — but did it die of natural causes? See below.

In the meantime, Lou Dobbs is trying to stay calm. And failing.

Update: While we wait, Vicente Fox says no preguntas, por favor; Rasmussen explains why there’s a state dinner for Fox in Sacramento tomorrow night; and domestic farmers claim immigrant vegetable-pickers are twice as efficient as citizen workers — but it’s not what you think.

Update: Olbermann fave Dana Milbank profiles Jeff Sessions. Does Milbank begin with an anecdote about Sessions’s Confederate ancestors? Of course he does.

Update: Fox addressed a crowd of immigrants yesterday in Utah. Emphasis mine:

In his speech to the crowd of immigrants, Fox spent as much time praising them and urging them not to forget Mexico as he did talking about immigration.

That reflects Mexico’s dependence on its migrants, who send an estimated $20 billion home annually, making them the nation’s biggest industry after petroleum.

“Over there, we wait for you with open arms,” Fox told the crowd. “Your family is over there. Your family that appreciates and loves you. Your home is over there.

Update: An hour has passed and the roll still hasn’t been posted. Ehud Olmert is addressing a joint session of Congress right now so that might be why. More reading, then: the L.A. Times says the House isn’t budging on its own immigration bill, while WaPo quotes a few Congressional Republicans as saying a compromise with the Senate is possible only if Bush throws his full weight behind it. Assuming he has any weight left to throw, that is.

Update: The AP says the McConnell amendment is probably dead anyway: “On a vote of 49-48, opponents failed to kill the measure. But it remained in limbo, evidently doomed by arcane rules that took effect once the Senate voted to limit debate.”

Who would oppose something as innocuous as requiring photo ID to vote? Guess.

Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, D-Mass., likened the proposal to a poll tax or a requirement for voters to pass a literacy test. “Now is not the time and this is not the place to consider an amendment that may disenfranchise a million or more poor, minority, disabled, and elderly voters – all of them American citizens,” he said.

Update: The rolls have finally been posted, and they were worth the wait. The vote to kill the McConnell amendment was almost party-line. Four Republicans — Chafee, Sununu, Voinovich, and Mike DeWine — crossed the aisle. As for cloture, Fox was correct when it said all the no’s came from Republicans. Read ’em and weep.