Let’s say you were going to design a promo for a big nutroots family reunion. How would you do it?

Would you … accuse the president of racism? Check.


Would you … imply that U.S. troops are targeting children? Check.


Would you … “get out in front of the news cycle” by showing Karl Rove being hauled away? Check.


Would you … display newspaper headlines alleging a 9/11 conspiracy? Check.


So far, so good. Naturally you’d also use lots of quick cuts to simulate anarchy and then sync it all up to Rage Against the Machine, just to ensure that it’s wholly derivative. To really make this a killer, though, you’d have to top it off with something so stupid and offensive that, were right-wing bloggers to try it, lefties wouldn’t know whether to laugh or scream.

How about … presenting bloggers as daaaaaangerous military weapons?






Imagine how a promo for, say, a Powerline convention would be received if it featured ammo clips or B-2s with the words “Little Green Footballs,” “Ace of Spades,” “Captain’s Quarters,” “Protein Wisdom,” etc., burned in. And when you’re done with that, riddle me this: if they’re all anti-war over there, for whom, exactly, are these bullets intended?

You can’t be a chickenhawk if you’re not a hawk, but you sure can be an effete, bourgeois faux-revolutionary poseur. See you at Starbucks, kids. Don’t forget to wear your Che shirts.

The whole video is here. Doesn’t look like they commissioned it, but they’re happy to host it all the same. And in case you haven’t seen it yet, here’s Kos’s shiny-happy-people ad for nutroots hearthrob Ned Lamont. Note how different is the face these cretins present to mainstream television audiences from the one they show each other online.