The good news? Bin Laden says Moussaoui wasn’t involved in 9/11.

Here’s the bad news.

And more bad news: the webcam girls still hold a slight edge over LC as the masturbation fodder of choice for Google Video users. But look who’s creeping back up the charts at number four…

Update: Screw Loose Change demonstrates just how fiendishly clever the 9/11 conspiracy really was. Step A: stage the attack. Step B: contract a bunch of high-functioning retards to make a movie “exposing” the conspiracy. Step C: use their idiotic cinematic product to discredit all conspiracy-minded critics as witless cranks in one fell swoop. Brilliant, Karl. Simply brilliant.

Update: The AP has excerpts from the new Bin Laden tape. As always — as always — it lapses into left-wing talking points:

I state the fact, about which I also am certain, that all the prisoners of Guantanamo, who were captured in 2001 and the first half of 2002 and who number in the hundreds, have no connection whatsoever to the events of September 11th…”

“Among these reasons is that it is necessary to create justifications for the massive spending of hundreds of billions on the Defense Department and other agencies in their war against the Mujahideen.”