I promised there’d be gloating if they were wrong, and a-gloatin’ there shall be!

(But not too much. The guy might still be indicted, after all.)

Here’s their wormy apology. Note:

1. They waited until 4:30 on Friday afternoon to post it.

2. They posted it in their forum instead of on the front page, where all their Rove stories have been advertised. In fact, as of this writing, the Rove story they’re apologizing for is still linked on the front page with no mention of the partial retraction. Here’s a screencap; I added the red arrow:


3. “[W]e erred in getting too far out in front of the news-cycle” instantly joins “fake but accurate” in the pantheon of inane bullshit spouted by journalists who won’t cop to their own mistakes/malfeasance. Congratulations, guys.

Thanks for the heads up to Dan Riehl, who’s seizing this opportunity to get out in front of the news cycle on a bunch of stories.

Update: Goldstein gets out in front of the news cycle on Carmen Electra.