**Watch the video remix.**

Geraghty calls it “perhaps the most surreal campaign ad I’ve ever seen.” Me, I’ve seen this movie before; the line “the call’s coming from inside the house” figures prominently.

Watch here, then try to imagine what the moonbat hordes would say if Glenn Reynolds or Hugh Hewitt was involved in an ad this dumb. Stills follow. One of them might be photoshopped… Update: The last image is the photoshop. Apparently I have to spell this out for some people. Well, there you go.





Update: Only New Yorkers of a certain age will get this, but when they’re all in the house at the end having their up-with-people moment, I’m hearing, “I’m really glad they maaaade, the children’s aiiiiid, societyyyyy…”

Update: Jeff writes:

[I]f I had to compare it to anything, I would compare it to that now infamous “unscripted” Al Gore alpha male moment: by ad’s end, you’re holding your breath, hoping against hope you’re not about to see Moulitsas thrust his tongue down a slightly confused Connecticut Senate hopeful Ned Lamont’s throat.

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