“Hoy marchamos, mañana votamos” indeed:

Thousands of immigrants come to this country every year illegally. But some Carrboro town officials want to give those immigrants the right to vote.

“Immigration is a really positive thing,” Carrboro Mayor Mark Chilton told NBC17. “Lots of immigrants make a really positive impact on our community.”…

Sen. Ellie Kinnaird represents the voters of Orange and Person counties. She said the proposal is a non-issue because of how difficult it is to amend the state constitution and the controversial atmosphere surrounding immigration in the U.S. today.

Gayle Murrell, a Carrboro resident, doesn’t see what all the fuss is about.

“If they are working and abiding by the law and they are paying taxes — they are whether they want to or not — so they should have some say.”

A quick Google search of “carrboro” and “chilton” reveals this. Imagine. My. Surprise.

Elsewhere in immigration news, Jim Sensenbrenner says Bush lied, enforcement died. And a day after the Mexican government threatened to sue if the National Guard detains anyone coming across the border, they’re promising to “hold us to our commitments” if we get any ideas about extending the length of deployment. Here’s the article in Spanish; reader Kid from Brooklyn provides the translation, which I’m excerpting below. The brass, elephantine balls on these people:

[Chief of Staff Carlos Maria] Abascal Carranza … stated that “the Republic wants full assurance from the United States Government that the National Guard will not, under any circumstance, perform Border Patrol duties; and, in effect, we have received such assurances“…

Abascal Carranza also claims to have had talks with Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, who has shown total commitment regarding migrants’ rights, and also stated that this measure poses no threat to increase Mexican border crossing fatalities.

“Mr. Chertoff’s and the U.S. Government’s commitments to migrants’ rights will be very closely watched, because no border security scheme can threaten these rights”, said Abascal Carranza, who also stated that with regard to migration reform, any measures put in place must address guest worker programs along with border security, and can not be addressed solely from a U.S. internal security point of view.

Abascal Carranza stated that the (Mexican) federal government will follow immigration debate in the U.S. “very closely”, and “…will deploy every political and diplomatic channel at our disposal, to promote fair migration reform”.

Bush’s photo op at the border is at 4:45 today. Think anyone will ask him about this?

Update: The business of illegal border crossings. “Merchants sell backpacks, blankets, hats, water jugs, food and clothing for the walk across miles of desert. Smugglers offer deals that cost hundreds or thousands of dollars, depending on the U.S. destination. Dozens of so-called guesthouses rent beds for the night.”