Just the sort of hardnosed, line-in-the-sand politics I’ve come to expect from them on immigration. Jeff Sessions is demanding a fence, which should make for some entertaining squirming from Frist and company.

Dan Riehl says something sounds so familiar here, but he can’t quite put his finger on it. Wait, yes he can. The new poll from Rasmussen has Americans split right down the middle, 39-39 with 22% unsure, on Bush’s approach to immigration — but note the consensus on penalties for employers. Speaking of which, the union angle in this story should be good for a post from Kaus, who’s been arguing for months that illegal immigration hurts the left as much as it does the right. We’ll see.

A hundred thousand people are expected in D.C. today to rally on behalf of open borders. The big M might be there to cover it. Stay tuned.

Update: SFPH has a monster round-up. Look whom he says is Sessions’s new best friend. Positively Kausian!

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