Michelle wasn’t impressed. Neither was Hot Air’s video maestro, Bryan Preston.

Full sixteen-minute clip is at Hot Air affiliate Expose the Left. EtL also has video of CNN’s screw-up in cutting to Bush during rehearsal.

Glenn wishes Bush had spent more time on assimilation. Captain Ed says the speech proves Bush sticks to his guns, even if it means a 29% approval rating. Hugh Hewitt gave it a solid B+, then interviewed Julie Myers and downgraded it to a D-.

Dave from Garfield Ridge liked the rhetoric, didn’t much like the actual program. Confederate Yankee congratulates Bush — whom he labels “The Divider” — on having split the Republican party. Jay Stephenson played the drinking game and ended up not totally wasted.

James Joyner liked it, but notes he’s not part of the group Bush needed to win over. Jonah Goldberg says Bush will probably get a bounce from it, but mainly because he can’t go any lower. JPod calls it a “partial victory,” Krikorian calls it wimpy mush. Amanda Carpenter of Human Events Online lists the pros, and then the cons: “No fence. Doesn’t militarize the border. Is amnesty.” Heh.

Pelosi seizes the moment to demand Bush disavow the “mean-spirited” House bill. And suddenly, I see Geraghty’s point from this morning with crystal clarity…

For me, the most ridiculous part was Bush’s insistence that temporary workers would leave when their stay is up. Krikorian draws the obvious conclusion. Derbyshire adds the exclamation point.

John Hinderaker is despondent. Paul Mirengoff is slightly cheerier, but only slightly: “[T]he real middle ground between an automatic path to citizenship and deportation is no path to citizenship and no mass deportation.” Defense Tech considers the logistics and declares the proposal “border security theater,” a plan devised mostly for show. Shocking.

Olbermann Watch reports that Krazy Kayo headed straight for the ulterior motive. Iowa Voice sounds even more depressed than Powerline.

TV Newser says CNN is blaming NBC for their screw-up.

The AP has reactions from Democratic and Republican pols. Tancredo is loving every minute of this, isn’t he? Meanwhile, “the undocumented” are vowing that no National Guardsmen are going to keep them out of the U.S. And here’s the White House fact sheet on — sigh — “comprehensive immigration reform.”

Human Events Online rounds up reaction from various Republican congressmen and senators.

New poll from Newsweek: 61% disapprove of the job Bush is doing — on immigration. A ten-percent increase since January. Aside from Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano, border-state pols don’t sound real thrilled with him either.

Meanwhile, at PoliPundit, they’re on the brink of civil war. The Times talks to both sides of the debate and finds, unsurprisingly, that the speech disappointed everyone.