Tough call for Olbermann re: tonight’s Countdown. Does he lead with a teary tribute to Qwest, the greatest American heroes since Stephen Colbert? Or does he bump it to make room for this dispatch from serious journalist Dana Milbank? It’s got everything Olby could want: the White House, administrative snafus, and a former Fox reporter in the eye of the storm.

And bratty reporters. Lots of bratty reporters.

After some 60 reporters crammed into Snow’s office, which had room for less than half that number, Cox News’s Ken Herman asked why he decided to move the gaggle from the White House briefing room. “I thought it was a little more informal,” Snow said meekly. “I didn’t realize it would be so highly attended.”

Kelly O’Donnell of NBC News was steamed. “This was 9 a.m., then pushed back to 9:30, then I walk in at 9:20 and it’s already well under way,” she protested.

“It’s my fault,” Snow confessed. “It had to do with the vagaries of the schedule today and I apologize.”

The complaints continued to pour fourth.[sic]… “There’s a lot of us out here in the hallway and we can’t hear any of this conversation!” called out the Associated Press’s Jennifer Loven.

The thought of Jennifer Loven being inconvenienced fills me with an indescribable sorrow. A sorrow I call “glee.”

Anyway, Snow went on to defer some questions he didn’t know the answers to and Milbank adds some perfunctory hand-wringing over the fact that Chris Wallace — OF FOX NEWS — dropped by to see Tony after the gaggle, so it’s just a big disaster. No clever “Snow job” pun, though, so the lefties are likely to leave it alone.

Here’s Loven’s report. She notes that Snow’s first televised briefing has been moved back to Tuesday … the morning after Bush’s immigration speech. Sleep well, Tony.

Update: The bratty blow-by-blow from Spruiell:

QUESTION: I’d like — this was 9:00 a.m., then it was pushed back to 9:30 a.m., and then I walk in at 9:20 a.m., and it’s already well underway.

QUESTION: Do not do that again.

QUESTION: This isn’t good.