The media is aghast but the rabble stubbornly cling to their belief that (a) there might just be something to this terrorism thing, and (b) fighting it with a mass eavesdropping program is okay if the program doesn’t actually involve, you know, eavesdropping.

Spruiell compares and contrasts and reaches the obvious conclusion. I’m not going to recite the Pauline Kael/McGovern quote; just fill it in on your own.

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross looks at the law in NRO. Fear not, it’s been translated from the original legalese. Andy McCarthy, a lawyer himself, wants to know why we’re worried about government mining data when we’re not worried about individual members of government mining data. And here’s the boss’s op-ed in today’s Post congratulating the NSA for keeping their eye on the ball. I am reliably informed we have a Vent coming on the subject sometime this afternoon, so stay tuned.

Exit question: does this poll get Hayden confirmed? The Democrats are going to grandstand about wiretaps regardless, but the Republican fence-sitters might be spooked into voting for him now.