Reader Cathy M. tips me to Sandmonkey’s post this morning on crowd control … Egyptian-style.

Bunch of photos at the link. I’m going to steal one just to whet your appetite.


SM also live-blogged the demonstration.

I need to start reading this guy.

Update: AFP:

An AFP reporter saw one protestor lying on the ground being kicked in the stomach by policemen and several others with bloodied faces being whisked away in police vans.

Several journalists were also manhandled by security, including a cameraman for the Qatar-based news network Al Jazeera who was badly beaten and had his equipment confiscated, witnesses said.

Update: Some of the photos are on the wires at Yahoo News and Getty.

Update: The BBC quotes protesters chanting, “Judges, judges, save us from the tyrants.” Human Rights Watch explains why. The whole thing stems from the refusal of the Egyptian judiciary to validate last year’s bogus election results; two of the most vocal judges are now on trial before a disciplinary tribunal. Fifty of their colleagues held a sit-in shortly thereafter to protest, and reformists (and opportunistic members of the Muslim Brotherhood) have been out in the streets ever since.

Update: Condi cracks the whip.