Wholly perfunctory, says Robert Spencer. Just getting his theological ducks in a row before he gets down to business. Not unlike Tom Hagen asking that producer to give Johnny Fontane the part before putting the horse’s head in his bed.

From the CSM piece on Hizb ut-Tahrir that I blogged a few days ago:

“[W]e would carry Islam as an intellectual call to all the world,” says Abu Mohammed, a pseudonym. “And we will make people bordering the Caliphate believe in Islam. Or if they refuse then we’ll ask them to be ruled by Islam.”

And after that? Abu Mohammed pauses and fiddles with his Pepsi before replying.

And if after all discussions and negotiations they still refuse, then the last resort will be a jihad to spread the spirit of Islam and the rule of Islam,” he says, smiling. “This is done in the interests of all people to get them out of darkness and into light.”

Assuming Spencer’s right, I wonder which group will be enlisted to deliver the “horse’s head.”

Update: LGF has more. As does Goldstein, who’s weighing a bet he doesn’t want to have to take.

Update: Students in Indonesia — the “moderate” Muslim state — are in raptures over Ahmadinejad. “”There’s not a leader in the world like him. I am so proud.”