“If they get to me and they kill me, I can always leave something behind.”

Full twelve-minute clip, including her thoughts on the “perverse racism” of multiculturalism, is here. Video of her interview with Norwegian TV is at LGF. I’d never heard her speak before this afternoon, but after viewing the clip, can attest that this bit from Hitchens rings perfectly true:

Ayaan Hirsi Ali spoke calmly and rationally about the problem. I never know whether or not it’s right to mention, with female public figures, the fact of arresting and hypnotizing beauty, but I notice that I seem to have done so. Shall I just say that she was a charismatic figure in Dutch politics, mainly because of the calm and reason to which I just alluded?

Just so. Go watch and be mesmerized. If you distilled the essence of jihadism and set out to create its precise opposite, she’s what you’d get.

She’s speaking at Harvard tonight [It’s tomorrow night. Duh. — ed.] and doubtless will have to face down some of the usual suspects. If anyone has photos, video, audio, or whatever, we’d love to host it. Hitchens says it’d be a fine thing if we made her new book, The Caged Virgin, a bestseller, so here’s the link. $12.97 for the hardcover at Amazon; at that price, it’s practically a civic duty.