Russert did twelve full minutes this morning with Dubya’s correspondents-dinner doppelganger. The entire show is (or should soon be) available at MTP’s homepage; Bridges appears at around 40:30.

Fair use requires that I only clip a tiny bit, but this should whet your appetite:

There’s a long profile of Bridges here.

And here’s further proof from the Chicago Sun-Times that the Great Colbert Media Blackout of ’06 continues apace, as TV critic Doug Elfman derides the mainstream media’s right-wing biases and does his own part for truth-to-power by defiantly reprinting portions of the transcript of Colbert’s performance. If Bridges doesn’t make you laugh, this ought to:

The media’s implosion of silence could be one of the final reasons many liberals use to not turn on TV news. It’s not like they feel a vested interest in the industry anyway, since it has been bought and parceled by conservatives.

There is Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News, that Pravda of GOP propaganda and breeding ground for Bush appointees. There are the networks’ Sunday news shows that give more face time to Republicans. There are cable news channels like MSNBC, where Republicans have programmed the shows and hired on-air Republicans and conservatives-lite, from Tucker Carlson to Joe Scarborough and Chris Matthews. [And Olbermann. Don’t forget Olbermann. – ed.] Some TV watchdogs even chronicle these conservative media daily, backed up by transcripts and video clips from TV news shows, in the expansive Web site,

Read Ace on why the media loves it when liberals call them Bush apologists. Content warning, but it’s all richly deserved.