Can we muster no sympathy for Teddy’s spawn? Think of the genetic legacy this poor schmuck has to cope with. Car-crashes and cover-ups are practically part of his DNA.

What happened to compassionate conservatism? I ask you.

MM is having a teensy bit of fun with the story, which of course is wrong, particularly in light of the restraint shown by liberal bloggers when Dick Cheney shot that guy in the face. A Congressman from a family of accident-prone drinkers crashing his car and then telling the cops he was on his way to a vote — at three in the morning — is no laughing matter.

The question at this hour: did Rove engineer this “accident” in order to keep the media distracted from Stephen Colbert? Stay tuned to Daily Kos for continuing coverage of The Silencing ’06. Or, better yet, read Hot Air affiliate Brian Maloney instead. The whining has begun.

Update: I should add, for the record, that I think the theory that Kennedy was trying to invoke a constitutional shield when he told the cops he was late for a vote is preposterous. That would have been awfully quick-witted for a guy who was supposedly under the influence. He was probably just trying to throw some weight around, i.e., I’m an important guy with important business. That sort of thing.


Update: CBS News ponders the unthinkable.

Update: Smoking Gun has the police report. Red, watery eyes, slurred speech — typical effects of prescription sleeping medication, no?

Update: The Freepers say Teddy cancelled a visit to a school today due to “extensive media interest.” You know who else probably won’t be visiting the school? Stephen Colbert. Because the principal can’t handle the truth.