Michelle has the rundown.

Full video is at the KSTP website. And here’s Goldstein writing yesterday on this very subject:

[W]e should draw a lesson from the charges of Bill Bennett’s “racism”—cast by those who don’t believe Bennett intended to say anything racist, but who insist, rather, that his words themselves were racist (an idea that grants that public perception is the locus of meaning, and that the utterer can be held accountable for the public perception). Such a dismissal of the importance of intent has led, predictably, to a rhetorical condition wherein those who protest the loudest (and can play to our emotions) will have effectively seized control of “history” as it is constructed and disseminated through language.

Update: The daughter of the last president to grant blanket amnesty holds true to typically dopey form, tying border enforcement to “rudeness.” Or something.

[O]n May 1, thousands of immigrants across the country marched and waved flags and professed their love for America. Doesn’t anyone see the irony in this? These are people who not only put up with the same climate of rudeness the rest of us do, but they’re paid poorly, they will never get their Social Security benefits (if they’re here illegally) and now there is a move to send them all away. Yet they sincerely love this country. They’re willing to see past our obvious shortcomings and work hard to live here.