This ended up buried at the end of yesterday’s massive immigration link round-up, but the Freepers are clamoring for it so here it is again. The players: Fox 11 TV reporter Tony Valdez and 640 KFI-AM radio hosts John and Ken. As you’ll hear, J&K’s description of Valdez’s comments as “the report from Aztlan” is all too apt.

The Big M has already weighed in. The John and Ken show airs from 3 to 7 PST on KFI, and they’ll probably be talking about it tonight. Listen live over the web here.

Update: Also from yesterday, here’s the audio of Michelle’s “debate” with Maria Vivanco, founder of USF’s chapter of MEChA, on Sean Hannity’s radio show. Note that Valdez spouts the same line as Vivanco, the MEChA tool: “we didn’t cross the borders, the borders crossed us.”

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