Turns out comedy is best left to the amateurs.

Tough night for Colby, who must have regarded this gig as a chance to play the Super Bowl on his home field. Watch the clip and see for yourself whom the crowd ended up rooting for. Crooks & Liars called the performance “dynamite,” which is close to the truth only insofar as it’s a munitions metaphor. Read Captain Ed for details.

In Colbert’s defense, he might not have been playing for laughs. The dissident posture is very important to our friends on the left; if SC had kept things light and wasted his opportunity to speak “truth” to power, they’d have crucified him for it. As it is, the moonbats will be building statues of him tomorrow. To paraphrase another delusional comedian who wasn’t as funny as he thought he was, better to be Kos for a night than a schmuck for a lifetime.

Although, those two aren’t exactly mutually exclusive, are they?

AP report is here. E&P predictably swooning over Colbert is here. The website of the new most-famous-man-in-America is here. The homepage of one of the best networks on cable TV, which carried the event live, is here. I’ll update with a link to the video of their broadcast as soon as they post it.

Update: Daniel at Bloggledygook tears down a statue.

Update: Nathan Goulding at Media Blog on missed opportunities.

Update: Ace is usually worth quoting, and today is no exception:

The media is swooning over Colbert’s performance — despite the fact that he all but accused them in complicity in pushing the Iraq War. (And– TAX CUTS!!)

Why? Why are they so happy to be insulted?

Because the media loves being criticized from the left.

They want the license to move further to the left than they already are, and, to have a pretext to do so, they require critics who accuse them of being too conservative.

When they get accused of being too conservative or too easy on Bush, they get to claim, absurdly, “Well, we get it from both the left and the right, so that proves that we’re straight-down-the-middle fair and balanced.”

Translating this from liberal-media-speak: “Keep the criticism coming, fellow liberals, because we need to be able to ‘prove’ we’re not liberally biased. And, because we care more about what YOU say — you agree with us and we agree with you, even if we have to play this Kabuki theater where we pretend we’re in disagreement — we’ll be more responsive to your liberal/left complaints than we’ve ever been regarding complaints from the right.”

It’s the left’s claims of the press being “too easy” on Bush that have inspired them to reveal extremely-damaging national security secrets in order to regain the praise from the only people whose opinions they care about– other liberals and leftists.

Bold-faced emphasis mine. Why the emphasis? Because Mark Smith, the president of the Correspondents Association, made exactly that point when introducing Bush. I didn’t include it in our video because the clip was already too long as is.

Ace must be psychic, huh?

Update: Jim Treacher e-mails to defend Colby.

I didn’t like how Bush stifled Colbert’s dissent by frowning.

And give Colbert a break: He’s not used to performing in front of an audience that’s old enough to buy all their own clothes.