New Vent about the growth of online video is up. Viral video sites are a big part of the industry, of course, so to complement our new clip here’s a smattering of top links for your horror/amusement. Click the images to watch. Note: some of the sidebar ads on these sites are a tad racy, so if that offends you, please abstain.

We begin with an oldie but goodie for the uninitiated. Probably the dumbest news clip ever to air on American television.


An even older one. Probably the dumbest clip ever to air, well, anywhere.


Another slightly older one, which doesn’t start to get good until about halfway through. Watch this the first time with your computer’s sound turned off. Try to guess which country it comes from. Were you right? Of course you were.


An F/X mini-masterpiece. We’re going to get Bryan, our resident video wizard, to do this for the Vent someday. Strange but true semi-related factoid: Bryan knows how to generate lightsaber effects, so look forward to Michelle’s duel with Yoda or something sometime soon.


A slick piece of moonbat propaganda on behalf of the fine folks currently in charge of the Iranian government. Islamist nuclear terror? Just a pretext for more Halliburton contracts.


And here’s the latest from JibJab, which, needless to say, is not endorsed by the Iranian government.


Not sure where this is from, but the ABC graphic makes me think it’s Jimmy Kimmel Live. Aim high!


The sequel the world’s been waiting for.


My favorite clip of all. Not sure where this is from, but yes, that is indeed former “Growing Pains” star turned evangelist Kirk Cameron on the right. I’m sending this one out via long-distance dedication to my pal the Commissar. You wanted proof, C? You got it.


Finally, here’s a timewaster. Think of it as a sneak preview of what’ll happen the day Theodore Dalrymple finally snaps.


Happy viewing.