They’re going to enlist a few donors to do it. Or so says the Prowler, citing … an anonymous source.

Can’t be true. Not on his worst day would Dean be that politically tone-deaf. But then, ten grand would buy you a few friends, wouldn’t it? And of course, there’s this. When a family member finds herself in trouble, it’s only natural that the rest band together to bail her out.

Still, I call B.S. It’s juicy enough for a link, but AmSpec needs to do better than a single unnamed staffer to make the story credible.

Although I am intrigued by this bit:

Republicans in both the House and the Senate view McCarthy as the first of what they believe are four or five individuals who used access to information for political purposes.

A list of suspects? I wonder if it includes names from that graphic on the Commissar’s site.

Elsewhere, A.J. Strata points to this AP story, in which unnamed “associates” of McCarthy insist that the CIA authorized her to talk to reporters on “a number of occasions.” Which is nice, but doesn’t tell us if they authorized her to talk to reporters on every occasion, let alone disclose classified info.

If you missed Rick Moran’s post earlier about who some of those “associates” might be, make amends.

Finally, here’s NYT Executive Editor Bill Keller finding creeping fascism in Bush’s attempt to actually hold intelligence officials to their secrecy obligations.

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