Still working on the link round-up for the CIA leak, which is expanding faster than anyone can keep up. Although Ace is trying.

Meanwhile, here’s a fun item from Sunday’s Page Six, in which a few of the elder statesmen from the loyal opposition huddle together to count the moments until America is released from bondage and the healing begins.

No photo accompaniment, but this seems to match the description. Michelle asked me to Photoshop it but I’m swamped with McCarthy; I wonder if I can lure Dorkafork or SarahW into the arena.

On a serious note, if you missed Hugh Hewitt’s interview with Christopher Hitchens last month, read it now and note well this passage about the “countdown” mentality vis-a-vis the war on terror:

HH: Well then, in 30 seconds, if the Democratic Party returns to power in this country, you get thirty seconds now, what happens?

CH: I’ll just tell you something a very senior person at a well-known network. I know this sounds a bit odd, but I just can’t tell you who he is or which network. I don’t have the right to do it. But you’ll have to believe me, okay?

HH: Okay.

CH: He called me the other day. This is not a guy who’s in any way a conservative, and said you know, we’ve known each other for a bit. He said you know, I’m beginning to think you must be right, because it really worries me what we’re doing, when we are giving the other side the impression that all they need to do is hang on until the end of this administration. Do people know what they’re doing when they’re doing this? One doesn’t have to make any allegation of disloyalty, but just…if it worries him, as it really does, I think it should worry other people, too, and it certainly worries me.

UPDATE: Forgot to mention: if you’re interested in experimenting with photo manipulation but don’t want to shell out fifty bucks for Photoshop Elements, consider PhotoFiltre. I haven’t tried it yet but it comes highly recommended. And it’s free.

UPDATE 2: HDW responds with this thermometer, which really ought to run to six digits considering: