Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is doing a fundraising tour of California and her performances are getting rave reviews from the usual suspects. From the San Francisco Chronicle:

Inside, it was loud and the vibe passionate — none of the strained enthusiasm found at the average rally. Many said they were excited for the rare opportunity to see a politician whose experiences were like theirs.

“She looks like us, she talks like us and she represents the values that we have,” said Rigoberto Marquez, an Oakland resident whose parents immigrated to the U.S. “You don’t see many people like that who are authentic like she is.”

But the Hollywood Reporter notes that one group of well-known progressives are keeping their distance. Ocasio-Cortez is not fundraising with or meeting any Hollywood bigwigs, at least not this time around.

In a break with tradition, Ocasio-Cortez, who labels herself a democratic socialist, has no plans to meet with any of the entertainment industry’s Democratic political power brokers while she is in town. She will not be having coffee with Carl Reiner. There will be no sitdown with Jeffrey Katzenberg or David Geffen. No $5,000-a-plate dinner at Robert Iger’s mansion in Brentwood.

“None of our clients are meeting with her,” says Marie Lloyd of the political and philanthropic consultancy Gonring, Spahn & Associates, which counts Katzenberg and Steven Spielberg as clients. And none of the other political operatives or members of the industry’s donor class reached by phone were aware of any meetings scheduled with Ocasio-Cortez. Some weren’t even aware she was coming to town…

Some chalk up Ocasio-Cortez’s not making the rounds to inexperience and a lack of campaign infrastructure to make the appropriate outreach and phone calls. But others say it’s reflective of a schism that has developed within the Democratic Party between the establishment wing and a more progressive wing comprised of many members who supported Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders in the 2016 party primary. Ocasio-Cortez, a former campaign organizer for Sanders, clearly falls into the latter camp.

Hollywood may be full of far left people but most of them are also business people, i.e. they make a good living making deals and selling a product. So maybe there’s some hesitance by one of America’s leading industries to embrace someone who supports the end of capitalism. THR says there may be another reason as well:

In an interview with PBS Firing Line host Margaret Hoover, Ocasio-Cortez sparked debate after she described Israel’s presence in the West Bank as an “occupation.” That may not have endeared her to certain portions of the entertainment industry. “My guess is that in many cases, those older Jewish contributors might not be supportive of her,” says [Sherry Bebitch] Jeffe (Ocasio-Cortez later walked back the comment saying, “I may not use the right words”).

It seems we’re at the point where the future of the Democratic Party, as she has been called, is actually too far left for Hollywood liberals. Oh, what a world.