Pro-DACA protesters arrested after blocking traffic in front of Trump Tower

John Sexton Posted at 5:01 pm on September 05, 2017

A group of pro-DACA protesters blocked traffic in front of Trump Tower in New York for about 20 minutes. The Associated Press published a video showing a group of people holding hands in a line across the street and police cuffing and arresting them:

One protester identified as Erika Andiola told the AP, “We’re sitting here, all DACA recipients, to show Trump that we’re not going to be afraid of him, that we’re tired of him attacking us and we’re going to continue to fight not just for Dreamers but for families.” Andiola’s Twitter account identifies her as a former Press Secretary for Bernie Sanders and also the Director of Our Revolution. Our Revolution is the political organization spawned last year by the Sanders campaign. Andiola put out a statement after she was arrested:

The NY Daily News reports that 34 people were arrested (other sources report the number is 24). New York Mayor Bill de Blasio has made clear the city will not cooperate with ICE in efforts to deport people who have been arrested by the NYPD. So those arrested today are unlikely to be handed over to immigration authorities.

Other video from the scene shows protesters with a bullhorn taking turns leading chants and denouncing the president’s decision:

Another pro-DACA protest also appeared in front of the White House today.

Near the end of this AP clip it sounds as if marchers are booing as they pass the Trump hotel:

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