The 2017 Emmy nominations are out and I know that all of our regular readers are simply bristling with excitement. Among the many individuals and groups being honored this year is none other than long time television “scientist” Bill Nye, the science guy (who is actually an engineer, but let’s not get bogged down with pesky facts when we’re discussing science). As the Daily Caller reports, he’s being considered for the Emmy for his work on a show dealing with … “the sexual spectrum.”

Comedian Bill Nye received an Emmy Award nomination Thursday for his Netflix show’s “Sexual Spectrum” episode.

The Television Academy Awards nominated writers on “Bill Nye Saves The World” for a musical number suggesting that sexuality exists on a spectrum. The episode raised concern from conservatives and YouTube denizens alike, many of whom mocked the show for awkwardly associating social sciences with physical sciences.

“It’s been a record-breaking year for television, continuing its explosive growth,” Television Academy Chairman Hayma Washington said in a press statement announcing this year’s Emmy nominations. “We are thrilled to once again honor the very best that television has to offer.”

The show features a music video too, just to bring in that younger, high energy demographic. It’s called… (wait for it)… My Sex Junk, available on YouTube. (I’m not going to embed that one here out of respect for the sensibilities of our readers. Click at your own risk.)

In one regard you could see why the Television Academy picked that episode since the entire transgenderism battle is a big hit with the kids these days and they need to drive up their ratings. But if they’d done their homework they might have realized that Nye was probably the wrong science guy to tag for this particular debate. As we discussed here back in May, Nye’s critically acclaimed scientific work in the field of gender-bending is actually a recent development.

Sadly, the original video of Nye’s old show where they first discussed issues of gender and science seems to have mysteriously disappeared from YouTube, but I found a new copy of it here. Many of us watched it and this brief segment from the script tells the whole story. (From the Free Beacon)

In the original episode, titled “Probability,” a young woman told viewers, “I’m a girl. Could have just as easily been a boy, though, because the probability of becoming a girl is always 1 in 2.”

“See, inside each of our cells are these things called chromosomes, and they control whether we become a boy or a girl, ” the young woman continued. “See, there are only two possibilities: XX, a girl, or XY, a boy.”

What a shame. Bill had it right back in the good old days, but now that’s he a darling of the Left he’s decided that the old science stuff just wasn’t cutting edge enough, so he’s revamped it to keep his new job. That’s rather odd if you stop to think about it. People’s political views and opinions on various subjects can and obviously do change over the years as they consider various viewpoints. But their views on biology and genetic science which have never been seriously questioned since that time? Doesn’t put you in a very good light as a “scientist” sir.