Come now, sir. There’s no need to resort to rudeness.

When we heard the announcement about sanctions against Venezuelan supreme court judges this week I wasn’t overly impressed. Considering how badly any semblance of democratic principles have been thrown under the bus in that socialist paradise and the way that the hand picked supreme court does the bidding of their despot, Nicolas Maduro, a few sanctions seemed like rather weak tea. But Maduro himself didn’t take it that way. While he’s largely held his tongue about Donald Trump until now, this was apparently a bridge too far and Maduro got down and dirty, hurling insults at the American president. (CBS News)

Venezuela’s president delivered his most scathing critique of President Trump on Friday, telling him to stop intervening and “get your pig hands out of here.”

Speaking before a crowd of supporters, President Nicolas Maduro accused Mr. Trump of promoting an interventionist policy that infringes on his socialist government’s sovereignty.

“Go home, Donald Trump!” he said in heavily accented English.

I suppose he might have let it slide were the sanctions not coming on top of Trump’s remarks on Thursday, when he called the current conditions in Venezuela “a disgrace to humanity.” Too late now, I guess. The heat has been turned up and the pot is beginning to boil.

To steal a line from the Lord of the Rings series, Maduro’s list of allies grows thin. Yes, there are some other strong men around the globe who have some nice things to say about him from time to time, ranging from the leaders of North Korea and Turkey to Russia. But none of them seem interested in actually bailing Venezuela out at the moment beyond the normal foreign aid that they’re already providing. And sending in troops to back up Maduro’s armed militia thugs in repressing his own people would be some pretty awful optics, even for the ones who could afford it.

Maduro’s lack of self restraint is a fairly typical hallmark of socialist tyrants, but it’s coming at a price to him. Of all the nations on the planet, the one most likely to offer some help were he willing to schedule new elections and stop repressing the power of the elected legislative branch would probably be the United States. Heck, if he could even manage to stop attacking his own people long enough to halt the violence and let in some additional workers we could probably be sending in some food at a minimum so his citizens don’t have to keep hunting cats. But if he’s going to take this attitude he may just be left to sink or swim on his own. That’s getting to the point of being a dangerous proposition when you consider what happened to Mussolini in the end.

Exit question: Could “pig hands” be the new “small hands” when it comes to Trump bashing? I’d be interested to see if any of the President’s detractors were willing to stoop low enough as to go around quoting this maniacal tyrant.