And so we have our answer to yesterday’s exit question.

I don’t know if she’s spinning here to get liberals off her back or if she honestly misunderstood what she was being asked at the pageant about health care being a right or privilege. Her answer on Sunday night … wasn’t all that coherent (“to all the American citizens worldwide”?). She may have heard the word “privilege” and, in the stress of the moment, processed it not in the legal sense but in the colloquial sense, as a synonym for gratitude for one’s good fortune. E.g., it’s a privilege to be a citizen of the greatest country in the world, I’m privileged to have a wonderfully supportive family, what a privilege to have good medical care through your job, etc. A pageant contestant wants to project graciousness, so that’s what she did. Maybe she really is just clarifying what she meant.

Or maybe she understood the question perfectly well, took a more conservative line, and has now repented under pressure. Lefties who pay attention to the politics of health-care reform understood the question as it was intended, i.e. should you have a legal right to health care or not, and let her hear about it. She’s going to spend the next year at least interacting with people from the entertainment industry. This will make it easier.