At a press conference Tuesday, House Speaker Paul Ryan said Obamacare repeal would take place this year, despite some comments President Trump made to Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly Monday that repeal could take until 2018.

President Trump told Bill O’Reilly that Obamacare repeal would take place, “within the year and the following year.” That led to headlines that Obamacare repeal was being pushed back  to 2018. But today Speaker Ryan was asked about Trump’s timeline and replied, “I think there’s a little confusion here.”

“The legislating is going to be done this year,” Ryan clarified, adding, “We are going to be done legislating with respect to health care and Obamacare this year.” He continued, “The question is how long does it take to implement to full replacement of Obamacare.

“And that’s why, honestly, we’ve got to get Tom Price over at HHS, Seema Verma confirmed at CMS so they can get to work with replacing this collapsing law. So the question about how long it takes to effectuate the change, how long it takes to put these things in place, that’s a question that the HHS can answer. But as far as legislating is concerned, we’re going to do our legislating this year.”

Ryan was also asked about the backlash some Republican have received in their districts over the plan to repeal and replace. Ryan said, “I think it’s important for people to speak their minds in this country.” “We cherish the First amendment and people who are concerned and anxious, we want them to know that we want to listen to their concerns and that peaceful protest is something we honor in this country,” he continued. “I just hope people keep it peaceful. Respect private property. Have no violence,” Ryan said.

The Speaker’s comments come about 5:30 into this clip: