This story comes to us via our sharp eyed colleague Bob Owens at Bearing Arms and it’s a heartwarming tale to be sure. A mother of one in Phoenix with another child on the way was awoken this week in the wee hours of the morning by the sound of breaking glass when a would-be burglar or assailant attempted a home invasion. Unfortunately for the intruder, he picked the wrong house. The details from the local ABC outlet describe just how bad of an idea this turned out to be.

Police say a woman woke up to the sound of a man breaking into the back window of her home. The woman grabbed a gun and fired in the direction of the man attempting to gain entry.

It does not appear the suspect was hit by the gunfire, and the suspect fled the scene. It was not immediately known if the suspect left the area on foot or in a vehicle.

Looking at some of the comments left at the local outlet it sounds as if there were readers who felt that the woman was somehow deficient because she failed to actually hit the target and the home invader most likely escaped unharmed. That, to me, seems rather short sighted and overly critical. From the sound of things, the house was dark and the woman didn’t want to get too close to the intruder. For all she knew he may have been armed as well, so why get into a close quarters shootout? The end objective of any home defense action is to save your own life and the lives of your children (both born and unborn) while thwarting the suspect’s attempts. Nobody in the home was injured and the attacker was driven off. Sounds like a win to me.

Bob Owens digs a bit deeper, though, and really gets to the heart of why access to defensive firearms is important, particularly for those who are less physically capable of defending themselves.

The harsh truth of this world is that there is no equality in nature. There will always been people who are younger, bigger, stronger, and more ruthless than you are, just as there are those who are going to be smaller, older, more physically delicate, and of a gentler nature.

Firearms are a tool that allows those more vulnerable souls—such as this young mother and her children—the opportunity to defend themselves against human predators. She could not reasonably expect to use a stun gun, chemical spray, impact, weapon or edged-weapon, or even a 911 call to police in this situation without a great risk to herself and her unborn child, not to mention her existing child.

What she needed to keep her children safe was a firearm. The time to call the police was after she had dealt with the threat.

Bob is, of course, exactly right. The world isn’t a “fair” place, no matter how much the rainbow and unicorn contingent might wish it to be so. There are evil people out there who will prey on their fellow man given the opportunity. Some citizens are simply not as physically capable of combat as others and firearms – combined with proper training and safety precautions – are the great equalizer in this formula.

The more criminals run into homes with armed occupants, the more likely they are to think twice before doing it. And as Bob points out, the police can’t be everywhere at once. Even if the mother in this story had dialed 911 immediately, it might have been too late by the time they arrived had she not possessed the tools to see to her own security. (Independent Journal Review notes that the average response time varies from city to city but averages anywhere from nine to fifteen minutes.) This woman saved herself and her children and we should keep in mind that a delay of fifteen minutes in this situation could have amounted to the rest of her life.