Barack Obama’s position on immigration and border control has caused him no end of problems for his entire presidency. Conservatives have blasted him for his amnesty programs and job satisfaction among the Border Patrol has been at an all time low. At the same time, he has actually engaged in a reasonable amount of deportations among at least some segments of the population of illegals, leading the more vocal elements of his liberal base to brand him as the “deporter in chief.” What’s a President to do?

If you ask Hillary Clinton, she’s not going to fall into that trap, assuming she winds up taking his job. She’s out on the trail assuring her followers that she won’t be tagged with the same label and all of the illegal aliens in the country can rest easy. (Fusion)

Hillary Clinton says she has no plans to continue President Barack Obama’s current role as “deporter-in-chief.”

Clinton came out against the government’s immigration raids during Monday night’s Iowa Brown and Black Forum, but stopped shy of saying she would stop the deportation of Central American children seeking safety from violence back home.

Obama’s government has deported more than 2.5 million people since 2009, and the administration’s current set of home raids against women and children from Central America has drawn fire from rights groups and immigration activists across the country. All three Democratic candidates have expressed concern about the recent raids, but Clinton’s condemnation has been the slowest and most tepid.

As near as I can tell, Clinton must truly believe that she’s got this election in the bag. At this point she just seems to be trying to solidify her base and build some in-house support for her first 100 days. She’s allowing herself to be pushed even further to the left than she already was during the primary, this time on the subject of illegal immigration. If she was truly worried about a close election she wouldn’t risk alienating the strong majority of Americans who share concerns about crime and illegal immigrants. This isn’t a subject which gets polled all that often, but the last time we checked in as much as seventy percent of voters wanted the feds to take action against sanctuary cities and 58% thought that the federal government should cut off all funding to them until they come into compliance with the law.

People are not upset over the deportation of illegal immigrants, particularly when you’re talking about those who are caught committing crimes. (Virtually the only category which Barack Obama has focused any resources on.) Clinton, however, is going to come into office (assuming she makes it over the finish line first) owing a big debt to the most liberal section of her base. She’ll be pushing for “comprehensive immigration reform” as hard as possible and you can bet that it will include backing off on deportations and making it even harder for ICE to do their jobs.

So now she’s letting us know in advance that she won’t be the next “Deporter in Chief.” Thanks for the tip, Madam Secretary. We’ll be watching closely and monitoring the crime rates going forward.