No surprises this morning as the campaign enters its final 16 days. For Team Trump, the surrogates are tried and true: Newt Gingrich will be on “Fox News Sunday,” Reince Priebus will appear on “Face the Nation,” and Kellyanne Conway is set for “State of the Union.” Expect Reince to see some questions about a possible “Trumpocalypse” downballot for Republicans if the polls don’t tighten up, and Conway to be asked about her habit lately of sending out tweets that not-very-subtly criticize her boss’s performance. Trump himself, incidentally, hasn’t been on a Sunday show in weeks.

Team Clinton hasn’t announced its own Sunday show representatives as I write this on Saturday. A dark-horse possibility is Khizr Khan, who became famous at the Democratic convention this year and just reemerged in a gut-punch Clinton ad released two days ago. Having him on one of these shows would be an easy way to push that ad out further into earned media. We’ll see. The full line-up is at the AP.