This morning brings a rare case of the Sunday shows being more notable for who isn’t appearing than who is. No Trump today, and also no Cruz. You can understand why Cruz might want to duck: He just took a beating in New York and is set to take another one in the rest of the mid-Atlantic on Tuesday. Go figure that he doesn’t want to field questions like, “What’s it like to take two beatings in a row?” I don’t know why Trump wouldn’t want to be on to crow about his victories, though, and to tout his sparkling new polls in Indiana and California, which bolster his claim that the race is all but over. Paul Manafort will be on “Fox News Sunday” and Trump’s son Donald Jr will appear on “State of the Union,” but the latter isn’t a big draw and Manafort’s just going to do his shtick about Trump becoming more presidential. Ah well. Expect plenty of Trump and Cruz on next week’s Sunday shows. That’s the last Sunday before the big showdown in Indiana.

In lieu of those two, you’ll have to make do with Reince Priebus on “This Week” begging #NeverTrumpers to unite behind a guy who’s been a centrist Democratic donor for most of his life. And if you’re more interested in the Democratic race, Bernie Sanders will be on four of the five shows this morning (all except Fox’s, of course) to face some very, very hard facts. The full line-up is at the AP.