Consider this the RNC’s pointed riposte to Democrats’ moronic ad painting Republican presidential candidates as a bunch of unhinged bigots for naming “radical Islam” as our enemy — a fringe stance with which only two-thirds of voters agree.  Compare and contrast, America:

The DNC spot casts George W. Bush as the sensible adult in the room (strange new respect, etc.) because he was always careful to distinguish between the terrorists and Islam generally, which is…precisely what the current GOP field is doing by employing qualifiers like “radical” or “extreme” in describing violent jihadists.  Unlike today’s yahoos, the story goes, at least Bush never used an incendiary phrase like “radical Islam” in his public remarks, right?  Wrong.  As Allahpundit noted last week, W even used those words in his 2006 State of the Union Address.  Incidentally, guess who else was known to toss about such unspeakable language not too long ago?  Surprise.  That very same fear-monger also refused to rule out explicit religious or racial profiling as an anti-terror tool shortly after 9/11.  “Whatever it takes,” she said.  Get to work, DNC ad-makers.   Whereas Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s commercial scolds Republicans for using accurate and widely-accepted rhetoric in response to real threats, the RNC spot rounds up recent lowlights from the Smart Power elite, reminding voters of the Left’s congenital weakness on national security.  It quotes Hillary Clinton warning that the battle against ISIS “cannot be an American fight,” (she’s since reversed course, much like she did after her callous VA scandal gaffe), features the clip of Obama declaring ISIS “contained” literally the day before the terrorist army pulled off a series of coordinated, devastating attacks in a Western capital (don’t miss O’s latest dismissive appraisal of the “jayvee” team), and hits John Kerry’s appalling ‘terrorism rationale‘ framing.  Taken together, the message is clear. These Democrats are weak and lack moral clarity in the face of grave threats.  According to the latest Fox News poll, voters are heavily inclined to agree:

Meanwhile, desperate to deflect attention from the complete implosion of his foreign policy, President Setback can’t stop lashing out at the true villains in all of this. He’s graduated from claiming that Republican talking points are the most potent ISIS recruitment tool on planet earth to accusing the GOP of actually doing the terrorists’ work for them. Pay no heed to the sitting president whose reckless withdrawal from Iraq and bumbling Syria policy afforded ISIS the space and oxygen it needed to metastasize. Avert your eyes from the painful reality that Obama’s hyper-political administration “disregarded” dire warnings about ISIS’ rise in 2012 because that inconvenient plot twist didn’t fit their election year narrative. And kindly ignore serious allegations that America’s intelligence on ISIS has been serially manipulated, with dozens of spies complaining that their assessments have been “cooked” and transformed into “happy talk.”  Let’s wrap things up with a handy flashback to Hillary Clinton asserting just last week that it would be a “mistake” to put American boots on the ground to fight ISIS (aside from the ground deployment she just recently endorsed, in an about-face), even after a hypothetical terrorist attack on US soil:

The fresh CBS News poll Ed wrote about earlier pegs public support for anti-ISIS ground troops at 50 percent, and that’s in the absence of the homeland attack scenario posed to Hillary above.  Her Majesty may need to focus group and poll her latest proposals a little further.  But for now, step one still looks pretty airtight:

Bonus parting quotation, which pertains to the central question posed in the RNC’s new ad: