This week on Politinerds we hit the somewhat belated six month anniversary of the show and welcome back the first guest we welcomed in the beginning… Amelia Hamilton. (It was really a “test show” she agreed to help us with when we were doing some initial testing with the studio setup but it was a lot of fun and we aired it anyway.) She’s been a very active proponent of conservative causes on social media and is particularly interested in pro-life issues. She shares some her own observations on the Planned Parenthood baby parts scandal and the reaction of Congress, the media and various presidential candidates to it. We also get into the current state of the GOP nomination race and catch up with the latest things she’s been writing about.

At the end, we find time for a quick round of “Ask Amelia.” (Every week she answers the burning questions of her social media followers on every topic under the sun so Doug and I figured we might as well get some free advice out of the deal.) As a reminder, Amelia is also the author of some great children’s books for little patriots. She’s always a fun guest and we were glad to have her back on.

Remember, the show is now available on iTunes so you can catch up with us as soon as new episodes air. And for you non-iTunes users, there’s still the archive of all our previous shows.