Surprisingly, there are no top-tier presidential candidates on the Sunday shows this morning. There’s a former top-tier candidate in Mitt Romney, who’ll be on “Meet the Press” to explain how he plans to salvage America’s foreign policy once he’s Secretary of State. There’s even a former president in Bill Clinton, who’ll be Jake Tapper’s very first guest as the new host of “State of the Union” on CNN, where they’ll discuss why it is that Bill seems to know nothing about the foundation he founded and helped run for years. The closest we’ll come to a serious contender in the 2016 race, though, is, uh, Chris Christie, today’s lead guest on “Face the Nation.” He’ll be on to chat about his many popular initiatives, from reforming entitlements to doubling down on the war on weed even in places where it’s legal under state law.

If none of that grabs you, Paul Ryan will appear on “Fox News Sunday” to defend his support for Obama’s trade authority and to preview what he plans to do with his life after conservatives throw him out of office next year. The full line-up is at the AP.