This week on Politinerds, Doug and I talk with former UN Ambassador (and potential presidential candidate) John Bolton, fresh from a trip to New Hampshire where he was discussing a run for the White House. Bolton is a fascinating person to interview, and we start off by exploring his early years growing up in a blue collar neighborhood of Baltimore. We then move on to his college years, where he shares some very interesting (though not fond) memories of Bill and Hillary Clinton from when they attended Yale together. He also reflected on what it was like being in a class not only with the Clintons, but a future Supreme Court justice and others who would rise to prominence. He’s got quite a sense of humor.

“Everybody at Yale Law School thinks that they can become president and should become president if only the peasants would agree.”

– John Bolton

After that we get into how he sees the current state of American foreign policy and what he would bring to the table were he put in charge. While he can’t come right out and say that he’s running due to campaign finance laws, we do get him to answer The Question… Why do you want to be president? Enjoy.

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