The election is over and the 2016 race won’t really get into full swing until next weekend, so we may as well have a little fun in the meantime. If you’re reading Hot Air, you’re probably exposed to cable news fairly often just as we are. And those annoying chyrons they run at the bottom of the screen can often provide some comic relief when the production staff is asleep at the switch. Outside the Beltway highlights one from this weekend which shows that they might just want to throw in the towel.


That probably doesn’t top this special moment with Ronan Farrow, though. They were attempting to talk about two guys base jumping off the Freedom Tower, but…


Here are a few more which were previously assembled by Buzzfeed.

Given what little I know of LeBron, I suppose I can’t argue.


The First Lady won’t be wild about this one.


Is there no depth to which Lance Armstrong won’t sink?


This is the last time that you’ll laugh at that Ancient Aliens guy, I assure you.


And finally, we locate the woman with the best job in Washington.