Before you get your hopes up, this edition of Must See Political Advertising is brought to you by the GOP, not the Democrats. It was spawned out of the floundering race in Michigan, where Terri Lynn Land has seemingly failed to gain any traction against Gary Peters, (It’ difficult to find a poll where Peters is leading by less than double digits with two weeks to go.) In what seems a last ditch effort to hit one out of the park, a new ad has hit the market which Bloomberg describes as The Worst Campaign Ad That Human Beings Actually Paid For This Year.

But they may just be jealous for not thinking of it first. I mean, it involves Sharknado.

Ten months later, Democratic Representative Gary Peters is clearly in command of the race against Republican Terri Lynn Land. Marin Cogan has a nicely turned piece about some of the reasons (tl;dr version: Peters has made himself relatable while struggling Dems like Mark Udall and Bruce Braley have allowed themselves to look unlikable) why Peters has led almost every poll since April. Enter the Michigan Republican Party, which put together these 30 seconds in an effort to remind voters that Peters took money from loan sharks.

It’s true that Peters’ campaigns took money from two men who have been convicted in connection with an illegal lending scheme—one man gave $7,400 to Peters, all before his arrest; the other, $6,100 in total but $1,250 after his arrest in 2012. The campaign says the donations have been returned.

Let’s not beat around the bush here. You know you want to see the ad, so here it is.

Bloomberg describes the image of Peters as a head on the body of the Hawaiian Punch man, who moves with the grace of a broken pixel. The narrator sounds like a man wracked with embarrassment about what he’s come to. Okay… that may all be true. But come on. It’s Sharknado. And one of the sharks makes a burping sound and vomits up money. That still wins some Awesome Points, doesn’t it?