It appears that President Barack Obama has lost the support of even the members of his own party in Congress. On Wednesday, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL), the sitting chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, condemned the president in terms so clear that they cannot be mistaken for anything other than a denunciation.

In an appearance on MSNBC on Wednesday, while discussing the House’s lawsuit against the White House over what they allege is the ideological and selective enforcement of existing law, Wasserman Schultz issued a stern rebuke of Obama’s managerial and leadership style (via Lachlan Markay):

Wasserman Schultz accused Obama of “doing his job less often and at a rate that is lower than any president since Grover Cleveland.”

Sarcasm aside, what she is likely saying here is that Obama has issued fewer executive orders than did most of his predecessors. If that is an accurate interpretation, it is worth noting that Wasserman Schultz disturbingly equated the president issuing executive edicts with “doing his job.” That’s a unique take on the role of chief executive, especially considering that the Supreme Court recently ruled by 9 to nothing that Obama’s take on what constitutes his job violates the separation of powers.

The Democratic line on the House lawsuit thus far has been to mock and deride it, because mockery and derision is the final refuge of those who are insecure in the merits of their arguments. But even those predisposed to oppose the president’s executive overreach see the lawsuit as a dubious exercise by the House GOP leadership aimed at keeping an unruly conference in line.

We shall see. For now, enjoy the DNC chairwoman’s vote of no confidence in the leader of her party and the nation’s chief executive. It’s only a joke until it’s no longer a laughing matter.