Via RCP, the fun starts at around 3:00. As far as I know, Powers has always supported open borders as a “solution” to America’s immigration problem. If she’s emphasizing here that the kids are “refugees,” it’s not because she or other lefties draw some firm line between people who are facing persecution and people who just want to work in America and can’t be bothered to wait in line. She’s emphasizing they’re “refugees” because, as we’ve seen before, that term tends to make Americans more forgiving when absorbing tens of thousands of people from abroad. It’s salesmanship. If you’re not in any physical danger back home but feel like Texas might be a better bet economically than Mexico, hey. Come on in. “Refugee,” “undocumented,” whatever.

Silly atheist that I am, I’m not sure how far the “Christian” response to the border crisis should go. Is it sufficiently Christian to let kids from Honduras make their own way north, in the clutches of human traffickers, or should we provide safe transport too? If we provide it to them, shouldn’t we provide it to “refugees” from other countries, especially countries without a land route to the U.S., who want to come here? If they can’t pay the fare, should we comp them? And if we’re going to do all that, why shouldn’t we work with foreign governments on some sort of annexation? It might be easier to bring U.S. jurisdiction to Central America than it is to bring hundreds of thousands or millions of Central Americans to the U.S. What say you, Christians?