Cruz control, indeed. Taking 41% of the vote, Ted Cruz is your new primary leader, taking over from Scott Walker who finished in second at 15%. Rick Perry, Rand Paul and Mitt Romney round out the top 5.


Cruz also won the second choice vote, although by a much smaller margin, edging Walker and Perry. Bobby Jindal and Ben Carson round things out.


Cruz, Walker, Perry, Jindal and Carson are the most “acceptable” among the candidates posed.


As to the most important issue, readers believe general election voters will be most interested in the economy, followed by immigration, health care and foreign policy. And yes, readers still view implementation of Obamacare at the state level as being essentially the same as voting for it at the federal level — by very wide margins.


Two notes. First, in the future I’m going to try to have us use a more neutral “survey image.” Readers have surmised that the blog post’s picture on the front page might pump up supporters of the candidate featured. Better to avoid that.

Second, some readers have suggested that we add Sarah Palin to the list of potential candidates. (A sampling: “That you leave Palin out shows you are a FOOL.” “I know you HATE Her, sut [sic] she has integrity and viability.” Etc.) I welcome Palin supporters to continue to write her in. So far, the “Other” vote breaks all sorts of ways, including votes for Sarah Palin, Gary Johnson, Jeff Sessions, Allen West, Hillary Clinton, Steve King, Trey Gowdy, a camel of some kind, and others. To my surprise, there have been no votes for Zombie Reagan. Yet.

Point being, all of the write-ins combined account for 3% of the total primary vote. I appreciate the vocal nature of her staunchest supporters, but in the absence of credible affirmation of her interest in running for President and in light of the minimal write-in interest we’ve seen so far, Sarah Palin will not be formally on the ballot for the foreseeable future. In the meantime I invite Palin supporters to continue their write-in efforts. After all, a lot can change between now and 2016.

Thanks again.