Here is a fun video via CNN in which a former Palestinian foreign minister fails dismally in his attempt to frame Hamas, the governing authority in Gaza, as a party interested in peace with Israel.

In this interview with CNN anchors John Berman and Michaela Pereira, Nabil Shaath is shown to be a lucid and clear speaker who is capable of forcefully advocating for the Palestinian position on issues relating to the ongoing war in the Gaza Strip. All that skill goes right out the window when he is confronted by Berman with the fact that Hamas rejected the most recent ceasefire proposal after the former Palestinian official insisted that the terror group is desperate for peace.

Let’s perform a little forensic analysis here.

There is a bit of a satellite delay and, before he answers Berman’s first question, Shaath can be seen fumbling with his earpiece. Those who are desperate to defend this performance will suggest that the former Palestinian Authority official truly had issues hearing the next question he was asked.

While that is not impossible, it seems unlikely. Shaath encountered no audio issues over the course of this extensive interview, and it seems a bit convenient for his earpiece to die on him just as he was asked the most uncomfortable query of the interview.

Secondly, after Shaath asks for Berman to repeat his question, the former official is no more secure in his response. He fumbles, smacks his lips, and finally responds by distancing himself from Hamas’ position.

Shaath quickly recovered and returned to talking points regarding Israel rejecting a U.S. ceasefire proposal even the center-left Israeli news outlet Haaretz determined was unacceptable as it allowed Hamas to retain possession of its remaining rocket arsenal.

All things considered, this interview amounts to a propaganda coup for Jerusalem.